Where to get your burlesque gloves

Burlesque is a unique, dramatic, and sexy fashion statement. While the exact elements of burlesque can vary, no outfit is complete without the burlesque gloves. Whereas they are satin, lace or fishnet and have wrist length, elbow length or full length gloves, you can find your pair on eBay.

Don’t spend too much…even better, spend as less as possible… except if you are already planing your first routine and know what you are looking for. If you just want to take a few classes and see how you get on, then pick which ever pair you like best. IT NEEDS TO HAVE FINGERS THOUGH!


When you will join your burlesque class and will try to peel off your gorgeous new gloves, you might realise that some pairs come off more easily than others (and you don’t want it to slip off too easily. Remember, it’s all about the tease). It all depends on the fabric, the length and the stretch. See if you can try a few different pairs (either from your friends or from your teacher). You will then know what you will be looking.

Don’t forget than you can also customise your gloves. Add some chrystals or fringes…. GO BOLD!!