July 4, 2021

Boudoir photoshoot

Burlesque classes and boudoir photos sessions have the same goals. They are both about empowering yourself, realising that you are unique and amazing, whatever your body shape or age. In the spotlight, you can be whoever you want to be. Create an alter ego, have fun and enjoy!

This is an experience that you really need to try at least once (and once you do try it, you’ll find you love it and want to do more).

The result is important of course, you want some gorgeous photos to be proud of. But that’s not it. I want the whole experience to be fantastic for you. I want you to feel like I movie star, being looked after from the moment you step into the light! I want you to leave with a smile (and plenty of cakes), having had a great day that was just about you!

I will be with you every step of the way. There is no dropping into the deep end, you’ll be given advice on clothing and we will help you to pose for every shot.

Prior the event, you can send all your ideas, clothing you want to wear, style you would like to explore. I am also here to send suggestions if you wish to.

Date and time of the photoshoot to be agreed together. Discount for weekdays.

Option 1: Photoshoot in my home (weekdays only)

With many different options – from a bath photoshoot, shower option to a boudoir style, there are plenty of options. Why not trying them all.

Lenght: 1 hour (Includes getting set up, change of clothes and photos (approximatively 3 change of clothes)

Price: £110 per time slot – meaning you can come with a friend

1 HOUR SLOT – £110

You will receive 7 high resolution photos. Additional ones are £10 per picture

Option 2: At a location of your choice (weekdays and weekends)

May it be at your home, outdoor or in a venue you are hiring ( to be arranged by yourself), you will get the same options as above.

Price: £130 per time 1hour slot – meaning you can come with a friend (weekdays) – £180 per 1hour slot (weekends)

WEEKDAY – £130

WEEKEND – £180

Get in touch before booking to arrange a date or book now and book your slot once payment confirmaton received. Either way, I will make sure you get a date that suits you